Livingstone Designer Radiators are specifically beautifully designed to replace the bulky, inefficient outdated storage heaters. Livingstone Heating are made using totally natural Recycled marble.

Introducing Livingstone Heating

Just when you thought that electric central heating had completed its evolution with the Intelli Heat ranges as: affordable and maintenance free, controllable to 1 degree, and available in beautiful Italian designer styles; we have something else to show you which is currently causing a revolution in the Heating Industry.

Livingstone designer radiators

A New Revolution has arrived that gives every homeowner the chance to use a totally Carbon Zero Form of heating system.  LivingStone Heating is just that, made from waste marble dust from factory cutting, and reconstituted using a Patented agglomerating water into STONE RADIATORS that deliver RADIANT HEAT and are beautiful enough in a choice of 24 natural stone colours and textures; to be hung on the wall above the sofa, as a piece of living art. 

Livingsone Heating

Electric Heating problem? had in off with storage heating?Livingstone Heating provides a perfectly flexible heating solution.Also fully compatible with wireless control system

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