Cali Sense & Cali Avanti by INTELLI HEAT advanced technological features, each with a sleek integral seven-day multiple-option built in LCD programmer.

Totally new electric heating technology......Cali Sense !


Intelli Heat electric radiators are proving that beauty is more than skin deep through their revolutionary new heating technology, which offers up to 25% energy savings.

Not only the designer radiators are great to look at, with leading design aesthetics, they are super slim (at just 6 cm thick) and work brilliantly to deliver highly responsive, cost-effective and environmentally responsible heat.

In the past electric heating has been synonymous with lumpy, old-fashioned panel and storage heaters that were both inefficient and expensive to operate. Now there is no excuse not to install or use a good-looking, highly efficient electric heating system.

- Real time energy consumption indication.
- Opened window detection.
- Occupancy detection.
- 7 day and daily programme.
- Setting temperature limit.
- Child Lock
- Rental housing PIN code lock.

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