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Totally new electric heating technology Intelli Heat

Intelli Heat designer radiators

Intelli Heat Designer Radiators are proving that beauty is more than skin deep through their patented revolutionary new ACS heating technology, which heat up twice as fast then other heating systems and offers up to 25% energy savings.

Often imitated but never equaled, these iconic Designer Vertical and Horizantal Radiators are sought after for their singular style and Efficiency.

intelli heat needo electric radiators

NEEDO Designer radiators are easy to install without the need for any plumbing. They reach the required temperature twice as quickly as any normal panel, storage or wet system heater. Their heat diffusion is far more efficient and each radiator can be wirelessly controlled independently by the cool-looking My NEEDO energy management centre with touch-screen controls to create a complete electric central heating system throughout the home.

What’s more, the radiators have been designed to cleverly pivot away from the wall to facilitate cleaning or decorating.

needo smart energy electric heating programmer

The NEEDO range includes super thin radiators in horizontal and vertical versions available in three styles and a choice of nine colours, superbly styled towel rails and the spectacular Monolithe, which combines heating, lighting and mobility all in one system.

NEEDO Electric heating system includes a handheld wireless controller (the My NEEDO) ) that displays real-time energy consumption, users have individual monitors for electric radiators that relay power usage information back to the controller. The My NEEDO is a wall-mounted monitor with LCD display that can control and monitor up to 15 electric heaters, grouping radiators by rooms, zones.

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